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Protecting wild animals and their habitats, including apes, monkeys, tigers, cheetahs, pandas, wolves, to farm animal advocacy for cows, pigs, poultry and ducks. Rescuing dogs, horses and cats.

Our working Model.

Transitional School Astha Mahila Evam Bal Vikash Sansthan run transitional schools for the freed children in the community as the detail of the students are given below. In this transitional School, children receive nutritional and basic needs related to education. In this way, children’s work time is being converted into school time. Astha used to conduct regular meetings with the teacher of the government school for the follow-up of the students and also Astha keeps on talking with the parents of the students and tells them the importance of education in the life of their children. Apart from the education and literacy classes the children also undergo Human Rights Education Sessions, which emphasize the following areas:

Human Right Education In present all children learn Human Right Education

 Child Rights  Right to Education  Child Labour  Human trafficking  Bonded Labour


Self – Help Groups Astha help in the formation of 10 SHG in different villages which are running properly. Each SHG are learning IGP skill in different trades. Currently, almost 75% of SHG women have received Human Right Education on Bonded Labour, Human trafficking, Legal Rights of SC/ST, CSE, minimum wages, etc and they are active on their own rights. Maximum SHGs members who belong from schedule caste and excluded community are active for their issues specially PDS, NRHM, ICDS, Mid-day-meal, NREGA. In this way, they are getting a “Resistance” power against the slaveholders and traffickers in their vicinity and beyond.


Human Right Defender Committee (HRDC):- Astha help in the formation of 10 HRDC in districts of Jaunpur, Varanasi, and Sonbadhra. These committees are being empowered towards establishing full awareness about their rights, Human Trafficking, and CSE. And we also established a register in each and every village in which the migration of the peoples was recorded because we want to ensure safe migration in our projected area.

Involving Adolescent girls in the intervention:- Astha is also working with Adolescent girls in different villages and make them aware of women’s rights, CSE, and Human Trafficking. They underwent life skill training besides literacy classes and vocational training.


Yuva Sammelan:- This is one of the unique programs organized by the Astha in which the targeted group is the youth of the different villages. Astha had made a place in the heart of children via teaching them, in heart of women via SHG’S and income generation program and in the heart of an adult man by CVC meeting and giving some short of IGP to them and in the heart of adolescent girl by giving them vocational training.

Trafficking-Migration Prevention Plan:- Astha keeps on going on TMPP (Trafficking-Migration Prevention Plan) plan because it is one of the most successful programs regarding awareness on the issue of trafficking because in one school we got approximately 400 students of different villages.